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Solutions and services from Headway Environmental

  • Waters and Wetlands
  • Ecosystems and Habitat
  • Projects and Sites
  • Compliance and Monitoring
  • Regulatory Support

Waters and Wetlands

Headway Environmental’s CWA experts can assess a project’s potential impact on regulated waterways as early as the conceptual stage to determine if permitting is necessary, and develop proactive mitigation plans to accompany CWA submissions and expedite the permitting process.

Headway Environmental’s geomorphic and environmental experts can quickly assess and delineate any stream that may be impacted by your project. Our specialists have experience across the U.S. and understand the delineation methods and standard operating procedures in effect in most U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) districts.

Headway Environmental’s geomorphic and environmental experts can quickly assess and delineate any wetland that may be impacted by your project. Our specialists have experience across the U.S. and understand the delineation methods and standard operating procedures in effect in most U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) districts.

Headway Environmental’s stream and wetland specialists can prepare comprehensive functional assessments of the streams and wetlands that may be impacted by your project and help you determine the best ways to offset or mitigate any net loss of function.

Headway Environmental’s water resource staff can perform comprehensive assessments (including stream geomorphology, hydrology, water quality, aquatic habitat condition, and biological condition) of watersheds that may be impacted by your project (including those that extend across state or municipal lines) and create detailed plans for the management of the health of those watersheds.

Headway Environmental’s specialists can provide the water resources management planning your project requires, including water availability planning, surface and groundwater assessments, water quality assessments, and permitting requirements.

Ecosystems and Habitat

Headway Environmental’s botanists conduct native and rare plant surveys for projects required to protect these species. Our comprehensive approach combines deep desktop research, aerial photography, UAV mapping of plant communities on your project site, and pedestrian surveys of all areas that could contain protected plants.

Headway Environmental’s biologists provide full assessments of the habitats on your project site and complete inventories of special-status species, all in accordance with the regulations that govern impacts on habitat and ecosystems.

Note: The conduct of assessment and inventory activities may be subject to seasonal restrictions. To avoid project delays, these activities should be included in the earliest stages of your planning.

If regulations require specialized surveys of the aquatic environments (including invertebrates, plants, fish, amphibians, and special-status species) on your project site, Headway Environmental’s aquatic biologists can help you identify potential impacts on the environment and develop plans to avoid, minimize, and mitigate those impacts.

If your project site is home to threatened and/or endangered species, Headway Environmental’s biologists can provide initial screenings, onsite habitat assessments, presence/absence surveys and site-specific studies to develop the impact mitigation plans and permitting required to facilitate project approvals at all levels of regulatory oversight.

Projects and Sites

Most land development projects must comply with a range of environmental regulations including the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA), Endangered Species Act (ESA), Clean Water Act (CWA), Clean Air Act (CAA), as well as state, local, and tribal regulations. The Headway Environmental team has the knowledge and experience to help you meet every applicable regulatory requirement. Our proactive approach can reduce environmental permitting requirements and help avoid project delays.

Headway Environmental’s FERC specialists can help you conduct the studies, compile the documents, and file all of the applications  required for FERC approval for your hydropower, electricity transmission, LNG terminal, or interstate natural gas pipeline project.

Note: Headway Environmental is also able to contract directly to FERC as an independent third party contractor.

Headway Environmental specialists have deep expertise in environmental mitigation strategies and tactics including

  • restoration, creation, or enhancement of streams/wetlands and habitat
  • mitigation and conservation banking
  • Permittee-Responsible Mitigation (PRM) initiatives that tap our database of privately owned lands across the country.

Headway Environmental has unique expertise in the technical, permitting, and financial complexities of mitigation and conservation banking. Our team has designed and permitted stream and wetland mitigation banks and developed conservation instruments for several species banks. Our comprehensive feasibility studies and market analyses can help you make a fully informed decision on banking for your project.

As a critical early step in the due diligence process for any project, Headway Environmental provides thorough Phase I Environmental Site Assessments in accordance with the guidelines and provisions of the ASTM Designation: E1527-21 Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessment: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process (November 2021). This includes searches of government, real estate, and commercial use records, to help identify existing or potential environmental contamination liabilities, property walk-through to observe and record obvious environmental conditions.

Compliance and Monitoring

Headway Environmental can help you establish and maintain full compliance with the environmental regulations governing your federally funded and permitted project. Our National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) specialists develop professional recommendations for minimizing, mitigating, and permitting any foreseen environmental impacts and prepare all of the required documents.

Headway Environmental’s experts can provide everything you need to meet the requirements of CEQA on your project including environmental reviews, agency coordination and the preparation of the required documents.

The Headway Environmental team has deep expertise and broad experience in ecological assessment, restoration plan development, and restoration project execution. We can support any level of ecological restoration project from early conceptual design, obtaining environmental approvals, to project implementation and long-term success criteria monitoring. We’ll help you develop the best approach to your ecological restoration project.

Headway Environmental’s staff have extensive experience with the environmental monitoring and inspection activities required as a condition of many permits. We can help you maintain compliance, avoid schedule disruptions, and achieve your project objectives.

Headway Environmental’s fire specialists can develop comprehensive pre- and post-fire assessments as well as proactive CWPPs that document fire-related risks and prescribe both preventive and restoration measures as required by the impacted community and the Healthy Forests Restoration Act (HFRA).

Headway Environmental’s spill prevention specialists can develop custom plans for the management of potential spill events including prevention, control, countermeasures, monitoring, and reporting – all as required by the applicable local, state, and federal regulations applicable to your project. Headway can also perform short-and long-term monitoring required to ensure your continuing compliance with SPCC plan requirements

Regulatory Support

Headway Environmental has extensive experience with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) permitting process (per the Rivers and Harbors Act Sections 9 and 10) and the protection of navigable waters. We provide a full suite of services from initial baseline assessment and evaluation to permitting strategy and mitigation planning – all to help you keep your project running on schedule.

The Headway Environmental team has proven expertise in Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) protocols and techniques and a fast-response capability in cases of emergency. We’ll help you determine the types and amount of restoration needed to offset damage to fisheries, wildlife, habitats, and human uses resulting from spills and vessel groundings, and at hazardous waste deposit sites.

Headway Environmental’s professionals, specialists and technicians can provide expert witness services on a wide variety of environmental topics. We provide expert analyses and opinions on behalf of both public and private interests.

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