Waters and Wetlands Planning

Assessments, Delineations, Planning, Mitigation, Restoration, and Water Resource Management Services

Headway Environmental is an authority on the constantly changing definitions of the Waters of the United States (WOTUS). Our team of ecologists include Professional Wetland Scientists (PWS) trained by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers who have provided waters and wetland planning services across the nation, delineating and assessing thousands of acres of wetland and hundreds of miles of streams in the process.

We perform comprehensive WOTUS functional assessments, and we are trained in the unique assessment indices and quality assessment requirements of many states and districts.

We will lead waters and wetlands planning and the management of water resources on your project site and provide any mitigation or restoration services that may be required.

Stream and Wetland Delineations

Headway Environmental professionals are certified PWS and perform stream and wetland delineations in close coordination with USACE to produce high-quality reports and avoid project delays.

Our delineation services, activities, and capabilities include:

  • Review of all available water resource documentation
  • On-site data collection
  • GPS-based wetland boundary marking
  • Satellite and ground imaging
  • Wetland classifications in accordance with USACE protocols

Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) Functional Assessments

Headway Environmental follows USACE-prescribed methodologies to evaluate current wetland functions and potential changes to those functions, including improvements resulting from your project.

Our WOTUS functional assessment services, activities, and capabilities include:

  • Hydrogeomorphic (HGM) functional assessments
  • Stream condition assessments
  • Loss of function mitigation or offset recommendations reports

Watershed Assessment and Planning

Headway Environmental provides comprehensive watershed assessments and planning services in accordance with the Healthy Watersheds Program of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Our watershed assessment and planning services, activities, and
capabilities include:

  • Stream geomorphology and hydrology studies
  • Water quality, pollutant, and nutrient studies
  • Aquatic habitat and biological condition assessments
  • GIS-based cumulative effects assessment
  • Data-driven watershed health management strategies and plans

Water Resources Management

Headway Environmental provides surface water resources and water quality management services for golf courses, oil fields, municipalities, and others.

Our water resource management services, activities, and capabilities include:

  • Surface and groundwater assessments
  • Water quality assessments
  • Permitting support including agency coordination
  • Mitigation and restoration project planning and implementation
  • Water quality monitoring

Wetland and Stream Mitigation/Restoration

The Headway Environmental team includes Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioners, Professional Engineers, and Rosgen Level IV Certified scientists with the expertise and experience to help you develop the most efficient and cost-effective solution for any wetland or stream restoration challenge.

Our wetland and stream mitigation/restoration services, activities, and capabilities include:

  • Stream and wetland design engineering
  • Restoration project planning and implementation
  • Fluvial Geomorphology Surveys/Assessments
  • Long-term success criteria monitoring
  • Mitigation banking consulting
  • Permittee responsible mitigation consulting

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