Make Headway on Your Environmental Approvals

Navigating the necessary environmental regulations for large-scale developments can be complicated and costly. That’s when you want a company like Headway Environmental in your corner.

Headway Environmental, based in Austin, TX, takes a proactive approach to their clients’ due diligence and compliance hurdles.

“If we had a motto, it would be We don’t wait,” says Kenny Carothers, president of the nationwide environmental services consulting firm. “We negotiate on behalf of developers. We come in and do the environmental baseline studies, then make project recommendations based on what we see in the environment and what we know about compliance.”

Rich Hill, president, RB Hill Trust Investments, has been a client for 15 years. “Kenny and his team’s ability to create, design and implement complex projects, and navigate governmental agencies from approval process to buildout, is nothing short of amazing. He is timely, and always available when needed.”

Streamlining Regulatory Processes

All too often, environmental regulations are seen as a necessary evil—something to comply with begrudgingly.

That’s when it is incredibly helpful to leverage the decades of experience of the team at Headway Environmental. They are a project partner from the start, and a valuable teammate at any point in a project’s lifecycle. They have a comprehensive understanding of the regulations, and an intimate appreciation of the due diligence and compliance requirements to ensure projects stay on track. From Day 1, on every project, they focus on streamlined solutions that get approvals across the finish line as efficiently as possible.

“We solve problems,” says Carothers. “I’ve been in the industry long enough that I can look at a project and help a client make adjustments that both avoid and minimize impacts, reduce the regulatory hurdles they’ll encounter, and still help them achieve their project objectives.”

Technology, science, and relationships

A well-known name in the environmental restoration space, it’s obvious Carothers is passionate about his work and this company.

“I grew up outdoors,” he says. “My dad was a biological curator for the Museum of Northern Arizona, and I followed him around trapping birds and animals and insects from the moment I could walk. He taught me how to study the environment and notice the relationships.”

It’s this regard for relationships between the human and natural environment that makes Headway Environmental invaluable.

“In many cases, we actually know the regulators. We understand both the process and the people on the compliance end of things. And because we’re environmental scientists, we care about our impact as humans,” says Carothers.

“I have worked with Kenny and his team on multiple environmental projects both in Texas and Colorado. We are really excited about our newest project in southern Colorado,” says Hill.

Headway Environmental is a key part of the solution, enabling clients’ projects to move forward quickly, and in the most responsible manner possible.